Chinese mob attacking a foreigner (UPDATED)

UPDATE: On May 24 Shanghaiist corrected its earlier story. Things were not as bad as described in the original email that they received. Although one person unsuccessfully tried to attack the volunteer and the crowd indeed surrounded his taxi (quite scary experience, I think), he was not physically harmed in the incident. I sincerely hope that this was an isolated incident and that things will calm down soon in China.

In order to avoid other media from using this story I have decided to delete the original blog post. You can still read the original article on Shanghaiist here.

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  1. I also noticed the (L)China names in my MSN list, and I just thought it was quite funny. But when news like this reaches me, the feeling turns more to scary! Hopefully this is an exception instead of a trend.

  2. I am not sure that the Beijing olympics is going to be the safest one. Of course, I don’t wish that anything bad happening to the Olympics event but I wouldn’t go there…

  3. this might be an evidence saying that China this nation is not suitable for western democracy. just see how emotional they could get over some hassles. also can see it’s quite new for Chinese to deal with the “international community living” reality. whether it’s better or worse, they have to learn how to live with it and then excel. hope their head could cool down fast, and start doing some homework.