Scott travels in style

Yesterday was Scott’s 3-month ‘birthday’ and today he will take his first flight ever. He will spend a few days in Beijing with my wife, visiting family and of course to celebrate his 100-day anniversary (bai ri, we will organize a party for that).

Just now I was looking at his ticket and noticed that he will travel first class on his first flight! Wow, I think I was in my late twenties before I took first class for the first time – and that was only because of a free upgrade. Not that he will notice much, but my wife assumed it was easier with a kid in first class than in a crowded economy class. They will be on a B747 with a new first class lay-out, so not the crappy ones you often see on Chinese airlines. Enjoy the flight Scott, I will miss you next week.

Picture: Race car driver Ho-Pin Tung came to visit Scott this week, after his GP2 races in Malaysia

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  1. Hallo Marc,

    Heb net Tudou ontdekt. Ik verzamel vanaf mijn 10e 78 toerenplaten en klassieke lp’s. Tudou is al een goudmijn gebleken voor historische (westers klassieke!) opnames. Erg gaaf… Nu nog uitvogelen hoe je zelf de video’s en mp3’s kunt uploaden 🙂
    Groetjes, Rolf den Otter, researcher sound design, Tu-Delft. Ps. Als je mijn lp->mp3 hobby pagina wil zien, google dan eens “otterhouse”

  2. Een echt Chinees broekie, maar wel met een luier aan ;o)

  3. Hoi Marc,

    It is quite fun to read your weblog. Also i was really surprised when heard about development of your company from my colleague Jasper.

    P.S. Scott looks so cute and sweet. 😛