Confessions on Twitter

I am using Twitter more and more, it’s an excellent tool to keep in touch with people, get some quick information that is difficult to find on the internet, and also a source of entertainment.

For the entertainment part I came across a Twitter user today, Confession. You can see the page at People can leave their confessions, without other people knowing who posted it. As can expected on the ‘anonymous’ internet most are sex-related, and it’s frankly amazing what people put up here.

Some examples that were posted earlier today to givey you an idea (I just randomly copy/paste a couple of them):

  • I wish my wife would have an affair so she’d stop being such a frigid ice queen.
  • I only make friends with women I might have a chance at screwing.
  • I think I was scared of the pink floyd song ‘Run Like Hell’ when I was younger, though I don’t know why now.
  • i just farted…excuse me
  • I still masturbate to the thought of my ex, almost nightly.
  • Occasionally, I rub one out at work.
  • Xeni Jardin might look like a drag queen, but I still think she’s smokin’ hot.
  • My cock hooks to the left. If anyone wants to get fucked around a corner, I’m your man.
  • my husband gave me an STD last year from his cheating. weak men make excuses to themselves for hurting others

I decided not to subscribe to the Twitter user, but it is an ‘interesting’ form of entertainment. It shows the worst of what people do or think, and maybe for some it’s a real substitute for a confession. Or do people just make these things up? Enjoy – or not…

If you want to follow my regular updates on Twitter go to (Not many confessions though 🙂

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