This afternoon we had an appointment for our baby Scott at WorldLink with our doctor. We were a bit late already, when I realized that the baby was still asleep in his bed. So I went over and took him out of his warm bed. He woke up and looked at me angryly, because he just went to sleep an hour earlier. And when I tried to put him in his Maxi-Cosy baby stroller he started crying out loud. Really, really loud. I would do the same in his situation, so I did not blame him.

But my wife blamed me. She was not in the living room at that time, and came running in and asked me why I woke up the baby. I told her that you cannot avoid waking him up if you go out with him. She had a puzzled look on her face, and told me that we had an appointment for a regular check-up for her, not for the baby. Oops, I misunderstood…

Now the baby, happily asleep minutes earlier, was crying like crazy. We had to leave and it was up to her parents to get him back to sleep. I felt pretty stupid, but could not do much. Luckily the others could laugh about it, and later I heard Scott went back to sleep quickly after we left.

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  1. dude, I am crying too overhere…tears! any make up sex involved? rein

  2. Jij dacht zeker dat ik jou dat zou gaan vertellen 🙂
    Goede exposure van je artikelen de afgelopen dagen trouwens (marketingfacts, etc.). Ga je nu ook serieus bloggen?