A new nanny

After our nanny left us earlier this week, my wife luckily managed to find a new one. I am quite relieved, because it saves us a lot of precious time. The new one started today already, and she is a pleasant person in her mid-forties. Very modest (unlike the first nanny) and also very experienced, I had a good feeling about her right away. She does not speak any English, which is good, so she won’t teach Scott English with a Chinese accent.

The nanny won’t stay overnight like the first nanny, because she is Shanghainese and has her own place to stay. But she will work here 6 days a week from 9 AM to 9 PM, so it will make our life a lot easier. Happy that this worked out before Chinese New Year!

Update: I cheered too early. Two hours after writing this post the phone rang (waking us up), and our nanny told us she would not come back. Not unusual in China, domestic staff comes and goes, especially in the beginning of the employment. The reasons: She was too tired today because Scott is so heavy (??) and she lives in Hongkou which is quite a long trip by public transportation. Anyway, we are back to square one. I am afraid I will have to help a bit more in the household over the next days, the chances of finding another nanny in the week before Chinese New Year are almost zero.

Update 2: Two days later the second nanny called again. She missed Scott and would still like to work with him for a few more days. She will now help us out until Chinese New Year, then my wife’s older sister will take care of Scott for 2 weeks and after that it should be easier to find a new nanny.

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