Naughty Family hospital

Sometimes you see signs in China where you really wonder what is going on inside. Sometimes you don’t even want to know. My dad snapped this picture the other day: The Naughty Family Veterinary Hospital….

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  1. I am so numb to being here that this doesn’t even make me look twice. Actually, we have been taking our dog Elvis to this very place for years….

  2. It gets interesting when the words “naughty” and “Vererinary” get together…no wonder marc scratched his head hard to figure out what is going on inside…haha

  3. @shopgirl: The interesting thing is that I only realized the strange style of the building, after looking at the picture. While driving by I never noticed it.

  4. Some friends told me that this is one of the most expensive hospital in town for our best family friends…

  5. You have to understand the history of the “Naughty Family” in Taiwan before you understand the meaning behind it. Its a famous TV program. Look at things the other way round, “Sesame Street” does not mean anything to an Asian who never heard of the program.

  6. Thanks for the info ratjj, I didn’t know that Naughty Family is a famous Taiwanese TV program.