A pizzeria without pizza

After weeks (or maybe months) of renovations Italian restaurant/pizzeria chain Da Marco opened their outlet in Xujiahui this week. I walked by the place many times looking at it while it was under construction, and today I decided to check out their Italian pizza’s. Da Marco’s is well-known for these, and over the years was chosen by several bloggers as having the best pizza in Shanghai (among others by Dan Washburn of Shanghaiist fame).

The restaurant was almost full at 12:30 when we arrived, pretty good for a new restaurant. We got the menu’s and had to wait a while before we could order. But when the waiter finally had time and I ordered my long-awaited pizza, I was told they don’t have pizza yet! Only in China…..

Seriously, if you plan to open a good Italian restaurant, should you not wait until you can offer your main products, or at least inform customers in advance when some of your main products are not available yet? Not a good start Marco. But see it from a positive side, at least the people who read this blog now know that you have a new outlet in Xujiahui. I am sure the pizza’s will be good once you have a wood fire oven installed.

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