Happy 2008 from Shanghai!

While most of the world is still in 2007, the New Year has arrived in Shanghai already. I would like to wish all my readers a very happy and healthy 2008!

My plan was to write a looking-back on 2007 looking-forward to 2008 kind of post yesterday (like last year), but since I have a child time seems to evaporate before my eyes. Priorities can change fast with the arrival of a newborn. 2007 was an absolute top year for me. Business wise it was a booming year, with traffic on and growing by hundreds of percent over the past year. I did a few new angel investments, and so far all of them are doing fairly well (and one or two are doing extremely well). A highlight was the Tibet bike ride that Gary, my dad and I did in April/May, a fantastic experience. And of course the arrival of my son Scott was the most wonderful way of ending the year.

Not sure how 2008 can top the past year. The most important thing for me is for my family to stay healthy, to enjoy what I am doing and to spend a lot of time with Scott and Grace. Also this year you can of course keep on following my business and private experiences on this blog. Plans for next year include for example climbing Kilimanjaro (Africa’s highest mountain) with Gary and my dad, and of course attending the Olympic Games in Beijing. No predictions here for this year, I’ll take it as it comes.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year Marc, Grace and Scott! all the best for 2008!

    Jorge & Eveline

  2. Happy New Year to Scott, Grace and Marc 🙂

    and to Scott: welcome to the world!

    Kehong from Nanjing

  3. Dear Scott,

    Usually i read your father everyday but last week i only downloaded my mails while on holiday in Rome with over 40 friends. That’s why only today i discover that you’re with us for the next decades. Congratulations. I’m sure you will live a wonderful life combining the best of both worlds.
    Say hello to your mom and dad and ask them to mail me your Chinese name.

  4. Hi Marc and Grace,

    Congrats with the birth of your son Scott! I wish him a life full of happiness and joy. That he may find his own way in life, guided by his loving parents. Isn’t it a miracle, a healthy child, mixture of both of your genes?
    By the way, Scott looks just like his father, but then in a lovely dark version!

    Warmest greetings from Holland,

    Margreet Blaauw

  5. @Jorge & Eveline: Thanks for the best wishes. Are you on holiday in Mexico or did you move there?
    @Kehong: Happy NY & best regards from Scott as well 🙂
    @Jan: Not sure who you are (I know several people named Jan), but on behalf of Scott: “My Chinese name is Wang Xintong”
    @Margreet: It’s indeed a real miracle. Whether he looks like me or my wife is still under discussion. Some say it’s me others say it’s my wife. Probably both then!

  6. Hi Marc,
    we went for Christmas Holidays to Mazatlan Mexico and later on for tourism to Argentina and Brazil. We are now back in Shanghai

    Jorge & Eveline

  7. @jorge & eveline: Sounds like a great trip to Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. With a little son I don’t think I’ll make that kind of trips again soon…