First episode Tibet documentary online

It took a bit longer than planned, but our Tibet bike ride documentary has been finished. The total length is 90 minutes, spread out over 6 episodes of 15 minutes each. The episodes will first be shown on Tudou, before syndicating it to other media. The episodes are mainly in Chinese, with Chinese subtitles. An English subtitle version will follow later, and for foreign audiences I will put that on YouTube as well.

The first episode is now online on It was put on the site earlier this morning, and has been viewed over 33,000 times already. This episode shows the preparation for the trip, and introduction of the bike riders, the arrival in Lhasa and the first two days of the bike ride. The first day was still relatively easy, but I had a major headache due to the altitude (you can see me half passed out in a chair at the end of the day). The second day shows the ascent of our first mountain pass over 5000 meters. Even my mom features in it, as we called her with a speaker phone when we were on top of the mountain. Good memories, especially because you don’t feel the pain and lack of oxygen while watching it. Enjoy the show!

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  1. Het is jammer dat de stream niet lekker doorloopt hier in Nederland, kan je de clip wellicht ook op youtube plaatsen?



  2. Streaming of Tudou clips outside China is often a problem, due to the Chinese firewall. Night time in Holland should work better, because then there is less traffic (it’s the middle of the night in China). We will put the clips on YouTube as well at a later stage. Will post about it on my blog.

  3. you don’t feel the pain and lack of oxygen while watching it. hahaha!
    Back, long time….