Fake Chinese aircraft carrier

Have you ever seen a Chinese aircraft carrier? I had not seen one until today, and I was very surprised when I saw one today while driving to Dianshanhu. When we left the highway on our way to the lake, we suddenly saw the huge boat on our right. My first thought was that the Chinese navy has a ship wharf here, and that there might be a connection to the Yangtze river. But it turned out that the boat is fake: it is made out of concrete and a small lake has been dug around it. There are even fighter jets parked on the runway! I have seen a lot of strange things in China over the years, but this certainly ranks in the top 10.

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  1. Well I got Chinese from the Blogger
    site again! Hope I can remember what
    to click.

    Yes that fake carrier is interesting but we liked the rest of the park too, especially with kids. It’s never been really crowded and on hot summer day they gave us water pistols to play with and buckets of water to refill them. Kids can climb all over the place on interesting mazes, etc and you can rent bikes to travel around .

  2. hi!
    a little bit off-topic, but i didn’t find your email so…
    just to let you know that if you disable the flickr plugin on firefox, you’ll be able to see the pictures normally. 🙂 it worked for me.

  3. this is just normal. we like the idea of putting up big boats on streets randomly.

  4. Undoubtedly?we China is invulnerable because of such a huge aircraft carrier being bulit in the future.