Chinglish at the F1 track

You would expect that at the Shanghai Formula One circuit at least one person would check the signs for bad English. But no, in the middle of the Grand Stand – the most expensive seats on the track – I found this sign!

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  1. i am rolland fisher,a chinese in jiangsu province, about 2 hours away by bus, i thought that translation is ok,but in your perspective, you think it is too chinglish, can you tell me how to translate this words in right english?
    “????,????”, i really want to know.
    my email is

    buy the way, i am directed into your blog whey i google “youtube blocked”, your blog is worthing reading
    thanks in advance

  2. Hi Rolland,
    Thanks for your comment. I would have translated it in better English, e.g. “No climbing (or ‘No climbing allowed’). Anyone violating this rule will be seriously punished.”

  3. I love Chinglish, China would not be much less fun without it!.

    I think it should be:
    “No climbing. Violators will be severely punished”.