The whole week I had planned to work on an investment proposal. To do that I need a couple of hours without any interruption, but it’s almost impossible to work longer than 10-15 minutes in my office without any disturbances. Therefore I decided to do it on Saturday. However, when I woke up yesterday after 10 hours of sleep (a new record I think, I guess I needed it) I was still too tired to really be productive. Work at Spill Group Asia has been busy from the day I set up the company, but it’s getting more busy and stressful lately as the company grows. The recent problems do not really help either. No complaints from my side, I don’t mind to be busy, but I also know that there are limits to what you can do.

In the past I went running almost daily to clear my mind, but since bike riding in Tibet I have a knee injury that does not want to go away. Each time I start running the pain comes back, so I have cut back a lot on sports. But I have now started with something completely new (to me at least): yoga. I always thought that would be nothing for me, but it is a completely different experience from what I expected. I actually thought it was just relaxing and it would not take much effort. But after one hour I am totally exhausted and the next day all my muscles are sore. But I am also very relaxed, and during the class I manage to switch my mind completely off work. I love it!

I have a private teacher, and she was surprised to have a beginner student (people normally start in group classes when they do yoga). For me groups don’t work because of my work schedule. They start at 7 or 7:30 PM, and I often cannot make it on time. If I do it, I want to do it right and not miss half the classes. Also, progress is much faster with a private teacher. The basic postures and breathing techniques are quite important, and getting these right is easier when one person constantly observes and corrects you.

I just started two weeks ago, so these are just my first impressions. Let’s see how I feel about it in a couple of months. I think it would be perfect to combine this with long distance running, after my knee allows me to do that again. Right now it looks like a good way to reduce stress, and get more out of your day – both work wise and in terms of quality time.

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  1. I’m surprised that yoga makes you exhausted. I thought it’s just relaxing as well. Maybe I’ll try it some day also.

    By the way, the spam comments are really ugly.

  2. I’m surprised the runner’s knee
    exercises arent’ helping but
    I also like the combo of running
    and yoga but yoga doesn’t seem
    to help the runner’s knee for me –
    I have to do the exercises to strengthen the knee ligaments and tendons and keep the patella in it’s correct position.

    This post software is all in Chinese which I don’t read so I’ll try to remember what to click

  3. @Bill: I think exercises may also be the solution to the knee problem, as rest does not seem to make a difference.
    What do you mean with “this post software is all in Chinese”, is the pop-up to write a comment in Chinese? If so, that’s strange because it should be a standards comment screen. Please let me know.

  4. Now the blogger software is is back
    in English. “Leave your comment” etc but when I wrote above it was in Chinese. I don’t THINK it was
    something I did back then.

    I’ve been out of town in Vietnam on holiday so I haven’t checked your blog recently. By the way, Vietnam is recommended for those who haven’t been there recently. I think travel there has increased dramatically in last year or so. We really liked the food and beaches with surf and clear water for snorkling. Luckily the typhoon that
    hit Hainan missed us.

  5. @bill m : maybe blogger checks your default language in your OS? No idea what happened…
    I like Vietnam as well, but have not been there since 2000 or 2001. Must have changed a lot as well.