Typhoon Wipha update

So far Typhoon Wipha did not have much impact yet on the weather. It’s now Wednesday lunchtime, and the typhoon has hit the coast at Wenzhou in Zheijiang province earlier this morning. According to the latest forecasts it won’t reach Shanghai until tonight, and the weather today is actually better than yesterday. Although there is a lot more wind, the rain has stopped. I think this will change over the next couple of hours, but for now it actually is quite pleasant outside. I just went for a walk to buy a Starbucks coffee, and I enjoyed the warm wind that was blowing.

Last night I was interviewed by Dutch radio about the typhoon, but at that time I did not have too much news to give them. A few minutes ago I did another live interview, but I still could not give them the ‘exciting’ news of being in the middle of a typhoon. They might do another interview tonight.

Update (Thursday evening): In the end Wipha missed Shanghai, and we just had a lot of wind and rain. Nothing special. But as the Shanghai Daily pointed out today, the evacuations and other typhoon-related measures were still useful: “It was a test for the public services system”.

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