No more swimming this vacation

This morning I went for a walk on the beach before breakfast. However, the walk had to be cut short because I stepped into something. It hurt a bit so I walked into the sea to clean my foot. When doing that I realized it was bleeding heavily and it may be more than just a small cut. So I walked back to the hotel as good as I could. There I tried to clean the wound in the shower, but it turned out this was not possible – it was actually quite deep and full of sand. Hmm, not good.

So I called the resort’s doctor, who arrived within a few minutes. The doctor turned out to be a good looking young lady, which compensated the pain a bit 🙂 She checked it out and said it was worse than she expected and she sent her nurse to get some additional tools to clean the wound. I won’t go into detail here, but cleaning the wound was one of the most painful experiences I can remember. She gave me two injections to numb my foot, but because the foot is full of nerves even that did not help completely. It took her one hour to finalize it, but it seemed like several hours to me.

Anyway, now my foot is nicely bandaged, but I cannot swim anymore. Great, because I had planned to either go diving or sailing today. Also running is out of the question for the next week or so, I can hardly walk. I am taking antibiotics, but refused the painkillers for now. Not sure if I can still enjoy a beer when taking antibiotics (luckily the doctor forgot to inform me I cannot), but it would be a pity to attend Gary’s wedding tomorrow without being able to toast with him and his wife on their future. A bit of a nuisance, but there are worse things.

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