Not many blogs left in China

Writing a blog from China is becoming more and more difficult, because the government seems to be blocking all of the major foreign blogging platforms. WordPress has been blocked for a long time already. Blogger was blocked, unblocked, blocked, unblocked and is now blocked again. And today I found that Typepad blogs also stopped working. I first thought it was an office internet issue, but also at home I get error messages. A lot of Chinese bloggers will be unhappy tonight.

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  1. How long this chinese government will act like this way…really they are making it more crtical issue…i never thought blogspot is blocked in china…but after give search in google..everything become clear to me..can’t even see photo from flickr also…

  2. You get used to it. It’s annoying, but there are easy ways around it. Don’t let it spoil the nice life you can have here, there are worse things than a blocked service or site for which you need to install a proxy.

  3. blocking unblocking blocking unblocking.. mmm… Im pleased!