I am not good at being sick

Since Sunday I am having a nasty cold, or maybe it’s the flu. Feeling cold one moment and hot a minute later, all muscles in my body are hurting, and I have a headache. Problem is, I am really bad at being sick because I feel it’s a waste of time. Sunday night I spent mainly on the couch in a half-asleep, half-awake state of mind so I decided to go to bed early, but when I was in bed my body was aching so much that I could not sleep anymore…

Monday morning I did not feel much better, but I went to the office anyway. I just cannot lie in bed the whole day, it drives me crazy. Furthermore, I hardly worked on Sunday and there are always too many things to do. But it was not a very good idea, early afternoon I felt so dizzy that I could not think clearly anymore, and I had to go home. I turned off my phone and slept most of the afternoon and evening, but this morning I was feeling even more sick. Sigh…

So I decided to stay home, and work from my bed. That does not happen often, I actually cannot remember ever not going to work for at least part of the day because of being sick (maybe I should do a search on my blog, it might prove my memory wrong). A bed is not the best place to type mails and take phone calls, so I soon moved to my study. I was cold, so I turned off the air-conditioner, and soon I was sitting wearing my clothes plus a winter bath robe in a 30+ degrees Celcius environment (it’s summer in Shanghai). After half an hour I went back to bed again, because I could not sit up anymore and I felt extremely tired.

But around 1 PM I decided I could not take it any longer to be in bed wasting my time, so I took a hot shower and 2 aspirins and drove to work. My idea was to stay in the office for 2-3 hours, but when I left it was past 7 PM already. I actually felt better while in the office, especially when talking to people. It takes your mind off how you feel. But now I feel much worse again, so I guess typing this blog post is the last thing I will do today. If I don’t force myself to rest I’ll never get better.

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  1. Marc,

    Do you think your illness might be a sign of exhaustion? I mean your body is now telling you to slow down a bit and take a rest though you may not be fully aware of its condition yourself. I do not suggest that you should not work hard and challenge yourself but it’s always good to pay some attention to the

  2. @Lei: I don’t feel exhausted, but it might play a role of course. You’re probably more vulnerable when you don’t get enough sleep because of work. Normally sports balances it out pretty good though 🙂