Lhasa weather

The strangest thing about Lhasa is the weather, probably because the city is located so high in the mountains. It can change completely within an hour, and that has happened a few times in the past days. Yesterday is a good example, when we woke up it was cloudy but dry. Soon after it started to rain a bit, and that turned into light snow around 10 AM. Within 20 minutes the snow actually became quite heavy, and it was freezing cold outside. Then at around 12, when we just finished our finished our visit to the Potala, the snow stopped and the clouds started to break. Within an hour the temperature had risen to over 20 degrees! Later in the afternoon it became even warmer and we had drinks at a rooftop bar in the old town. At night after dinner when we wanted to take a taxi back to the hotel, it suddenly was very cold again and it started raining. The whole day there was hardly any wind, but while waiting for the taxi the wind suddenly picked up. Today it’s sunny again, but windy, and about 13 degrees. But the weather forecast that we received this morning said it would snow again. Strange weather.

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