Fake Melrose pizza?

This afternoon I had lunch with Sam Flemming in my office, and we ordered two pizza’s from Melrose Pizza. I like their pizza’s, and delivery is always quick. I just received a flyer in my mailbox with a special promotion offer, two medium pizza’s for RMB 99, so we decided to go for that. While ordering we mentioned the promotion, but when the delivery guy arrived he wanted to charge us RMB 155. The receptionist came to my office to tell me I had to pay more, so I walked with her to the entrance to find out what the problem was. The delivery boy told us that they had made a mistake (the pizza’s that he brought us were not on sale, or something like that), so we had to pay extra. Interesting logic, they make a mistake, so we need to pay extra. The receptionist then called Melrose pizza to explain the problem, but they were quite arrogant and told us we had to pay. And if we didn’t want the pizza at a higher price they would never deliver to us again. I told the receptionist I would call the English number that they provided, and she mentioned that to the Melrose lady she was talking to. Her answer: go ahead, we won’t answer! I tried to call, and indeed they pushed my call away.

At that point Sam joined the conversation, who happened to indirectly know the owner of Melrose Pizza (Melrose is a franchise organization). He could not get hold of him right away, but the owner would call me back. So I decided to pay (my assistant had negotiated the price down to RMB 140 in the mean time) and wait for his call. He called within 5 minutes and apologized for what happened. He then asked which number I had called, and I gave him the number. He asked me to repeat it, and then said: “But that is not a Melrose Pizza number!”. He would check it out and call me back. He did call back about 10 minutes later, but did not tell me what exactly happened. He just wanted to know my address and would send me something to make it up to me.

That’s great service, and I appreciate it, but I now wonder whether there is a fake Melrose Pizza place in Shanghai. I noticed that the number on the pizza box was indeed different from the one on the flyer that I received. Yes, they not only copied the flyer, but even the box including the real phone number! In case you want to give it a try, the “fake” Melrose pizza can be reached at 021-5887 6011. Their fake English hotline is a mobile phone number: 1391 841 6180. If you want to make some prank calls, go ahead. But if you want the real Melrose Pizza call 800-620-9797. I hope the owner can quickly sort out this problem. Next time I will use the 800-number to order his pizza’s.

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  1. This is very funny. I need to make a prank order on the fake on right away. I should have them deliver it to the address of the real Melrose. That would be really confusing.

  2. hi, just searching for Melrose Pizza online , and saw ur blog occationally ,hah

    glad to heard that you like Pizza of Melrose coz i had franchised 2yrs ago and my shop is located in WaiGaoQiao Free trade zoon ^_^

  3. My name is Kris, I created Melrose Pizza in 1998 and have 2 Chinese partners (I am American.) Nice to read your post. There are ex-managers who have opened shop and are abusing the name for their benefit. I’m glad everything was cleared up.