Cleaning service

This morning I was working at home before going to the office, when I suddenly heard some sounds outside my study window. I looked up and saw a building cleaner hanging on some ropes outside my balcony! I managed to take two pictures before he used his abseil technique to clean the 36 floors below my apartment.

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  1. hi marc,

    ik heb je net een email gestuurd op, klopt dat adres?

    stuur me anders een mailtje op

    ir. Giel Groothuis

    FAR… Architecture Center Shanghai &

    ANKEN Warehouse
    1147 Kang Ding Lu, Building C, Floor4
    (crossing Chang Ping Lu in Jing An District)
    200042 Shanghai, China
    M +86.136.41800382
    T +86. 21.61325005
    F +86. 21.61325499

    FAR… ????????

    ?? &

    ????????????1147?C??4? ???????200042
    ???+86. 21.61325499