April Fool's Day joke leads to divorce

A Shanghai man wants to divorce his wife, because she keeps on surprising him with jokes. The last one was just too much for him. On the night of April 1 he came home from a tiring business trip, when he was shocked to see that his wife had hanged herself in the living room. According to the Shanghai Daily she had made it look as real as possible, and indeed her husband did not see it was fake.

He immediately called the police and the property management office. The property management helped him to put the body on a sofa, while the woman kept on acting as if she had died. While they were waiting for the police to arrive, the woman suddenly jumped up while shouting: “Happy April Fool’s Day!”.

This was too much for the man, and he now wants to file for divorce. He mentioned that his wife always made jokes with him, and he could not stand it anymore. He gave another example to the newspaper, saying that his wife once changed the lock and refused to let him in before correctly answering several quiz questions. The woman thought that making jokes kept the couple close, but it now turned out it had the opposite effect.

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  1. This guy has lacks any sense of humor… as do most Chinese. Like the guy who sent a satirical sms regarding some politicians to his friends and is facing 3 years in prison because of that now… Sad.

  2. but i think for this one, it is just too much…not just lacks of humor…
    suprised to see such a blog hhaha~

  3. nice to see your frequent quote of ShD, I am a reporter of the newspaper.