New pictures on Flickr

I had some problems automatically uploading my pictures to Flickr, after I was forced to switch from my early-adopter ‘real’ Flickr account to a Yahoo login name. But today I managed to solve it (just download the tool again… Should have done that weeks ago already instead of trying all different kinds of tricks), and I uploaded a few of the pictures from the past 4 weeks.

Among others skiing in Beijing, the ice lantern festival in a gorge in Yanqing (north of Beijing), the new Olympic Stadium in Beijing (not finished yet of course), and a few pictures that I took on Saturday in Qiandaohu (1000 islands lake), one of the most beautiful places in China, and reachable in less than 3.5 hours by car from Shanghai.

If you have not been to the Thousand Islands Lake, I hope the picture above showing the natural beauty of the area, and below, of one of the 10 best hotels in China (the New Century Resort), right on the lake, will convince you to take a look.
Note: All my pictures can be found here

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