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The media coverage of Tudou is increasing in Europe. Not many people know the website there yet (and because we only have a Chinese version, most will likely never here about us), but the traditional media are starting to publish more about the site.

There was an article about Tudou in the Dutch magazine FEM Business about 3 weeks ago, and this week an interview with Gary and me was published in the Dutch Elsevier Magazine. Today a TV crew making programs for German stations ZDF and Deutsche Welle did interviews at the Tudou office, and this afternoon I was interviewed for Radio Eins Berlin-Brandenburg (my first live interview in German). In the next George magazine (the Dutch version) there will also be an article about Tudou.

Interesting is that my wife is also starting to appear more in the media now. For next month’s edition of CFO China she was interviewed for example, and this month she appeared in the fashion magazine Jessica.

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  1. Hey Marc,

    just read your article in George. Good publicity for you and your company. You are becoming THE dutch IT entrepeneur in China 🙂