Bubble Elements – Spill Group Asia's first downloadable game

Zlong Games, part of Spill Group Asia, just finished the production of its first downloadable game for Spill Group. The game, that was officially launched today, will be sold on game portals worldwide. This is a ‘first’ for Spill Group, until now all our downloadable games (on our portals such as were produced by external companies. But making these games ourselves can be very profitable, so we decided to take over this part of the value chain as well.

Bubble Elements is a so-called bubble shooter. In this kind of games you have to shoot a colored bubble to other colored bubbles. If three or more bubbles of the same color are connected they will all disappear. The game has several levels and is based on the four elements (water, fire, air and earth). The game is full of power-ups, and the further you go into the game the more of these you will encounter.

The game is quite addicitive, and I just played it for almost an hour (this is very long for me, I normally get tired of a game after 5 or 10 minutes). I like it a lot, and not only because we built it. We have a simple flash version of the game, that you can play among others here on our Dutch site. I did not see this game yet on (we had no electricity today), but I am sure it will be on there tomorrow. The more advanced version can be downloaded here for free, this gives a much better user experience with great music and sound effects. You can try this download version for free for 60 minutes. I hope all of you like it!

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  1. This game is indeed also a bubble shooter (we did not make it), but much less advanced than the one we made. Just play them both and you will see the difference. There are many bubble shooters around on the internet, but most are quite simple (no special features, levels or power-ups).