in in top 25 Chinese websites

During the past weeks not only kept on growing fast, but Tudou as well. I just checked the latest Alexa stats for the website and saw that Tudou is now in the top 25 of biggest Chinese sites (to be exact, Tudou is number 24 today). Worldwide is now number 127, and the site keeps on bigger and bigger!
The graph shows the growth in pageviews for the site over the past 6 months.

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  1. Alexa’s data is notoriously unrelilable and easily gamed. Sophisiticated investors and observers no longer put any value in the Alexa rankings, as they are generally crap. Why noast about them here? You just devalue your blog.

  2. Publish some of your internal stats, like downloads per day over time, uploads per day over time, bandwidth over time etc. if you are not willing to share your real numbers with the world you shouldn’t expect us to be impressed with Alexa garbage.

  3. @ Anonymous: Nice to have you back in the comments 🙂 As mentioned before, I will not give the competition any internal stats. They are pretty much in line with Alexa though, so you should be able to calculate them yourself. In January we had over 10 million video streams per day, and we have had more than 100% growth per month.

    Interesting that you call Alexa stats garbage, because it is still the most widely used measurement tool on the internet. If you don’t believe them, then don’t use them. For both and they roughly follow what we see in the internal stats, so we have a different opinion here.

  4. Hi Anonymous, how about share your identity with us? When you are requesting a website’s important operational data, no matter for what purpose, isn’t it the least to reveal who you are and why you are trying to be nasty (or is it just simple jealousy)?


  5. It is not jealousy my friend. I do not like hypocrisy. You know better than most that Alexa can be gamed. You even echoed a threat from Gary about a competitor trying to game your Alexa stats. People who understand the Web industry in China know the Alexa numbers are full of holes. VCs last year and the year before shangdang with a couple of websites, but they have learned their lessons.

    Tudou is a piracy paradise. You have a ton of pirated IP on the site, both Chinese and foreign. For this business you have no problem relying on stolen goods, but what about for Spill Group? Can I crack the flash code on your games, take them and set up my own game portal? Somehow I think you would fight that. So why allow so much piracy on Tudou?

    If your business is so great, why is one of your primary VCs trying so hard to get other VCs interested in your round? Sequoia loved Youtube so much they took the round for themselves. Your main VC got burned on its 2 blog investments, and they see the writing on the wall. Sina and QQ Video will crush all the Chinese Youtubes as Sina crushed all the standalone BSPs.

    Your valuation has peaked, so I would advise you to take the best offer you get for Tudou, or to sell some of your primary shares in whatever down round you end up taking. You have built something interesting, and it was not easy, but time is not your friend.

  6. @ Anonymouse (or should I call you Mr. Jealous Guy?): you seem to take it all quite personal, but now that I know who you are I can understand that. Just wait and see what will happen to Tudou.

    And for Spill Group, you seem to have no clue about our business model. We even encourage webmasters to copy/paste the source code of our games on their website. We even actively send them out to them!

    My advice, learn a bit more about how the internet really works before posting dumb comments on my blog. And if you want to be taken seriously also show the other readers your identity, instead of trying to remain unknown and making others look bad. No worries, I won’t reveal who you are, not even your IP address.

  7. Hi Mr. Pirates,

    Bear in mind, Tudou offers the platform for users to generate or enable contents and share with other people. If you understood a bit of web 2.0, you wouldn’t name any content “Tudou post”. Apparently with your background, this should be nothing new.

    However, your VC comment seems interesting. Is that how rumors start? That reminds me of several other funny stories I heard… …

    And what I cannot understand – does hiding behind a mask make you feel safer? Do you have no other places to talk business professionally?


  8. BTW Mr. Pirates,

    You might be familiar with ways to game alexa ranking, but it doesn’t mean everyone else would choose to be part of it. Difference between doing real business and being furtive…


  9. Let’s end the public discussion about this here, enough mud has been thrown and that does not lead us anywhere.

    Anonymous/Pirates, you can contact me directly if you want, so we can discuss your issues with Tudou, piracy, and Alexa face to face.

  10. Do you trust Alexa Rankings?

    How many travelers from China visit Greece? About 50.000 – 70.000 per year according to Greece National Tourism Organization. So how can a Travel Guide for Greece have 74.3% visitors from China? (without Chinese language). View Greece Travel sites listed by Alexa Ranking at and see how fake alexa ranking can be.

    Look at Alexa detail traffic for the first in the list.

  11. Hi Manos,
    For Chinese traffic Alexa became completely unusable over the past 9 months or so. Nobody is using the Alexa toolbar anymore (estimations are less than 30K toolbars in an online population of 210 million), and some sites completely gamed the Alexa traffic (see media reports from August 2007 about this).

    It’s a pity, but Alexa did not do much about it, making all Chinese Alexa statistics unusable. Also the ones for foreign sites, if you look at % Chinese visitors. It’s time for another independent party (e.g. Comscore) to come into China.

  12. could i ask you please marc van der chris — where u got your stats?? im also aware that alexa in china is regarded as highly unstable.. but i would appreciate it if maybe you could drop me some concrete links with sources.. doing my dissertation!!! it would help tremendously!