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New record for

Last month I proudly wrote that had achieved 1 million page views. But the site has kept on growing at an unbelievable pace over the past 6 weeks and reached another milestone this weekend. Sunday, the first day of the Lunar new year, we managed to get more than 2.5 million page views in 24 hours!

Demi & the team: one again fantastic work over the past weeks. You really deserve your New Year holiday, so enjoy it with your families and friends. I owe all of you a nice lunch or dinner after we are back in Shanghai. Thanks for this great start of the Year of the Pig!

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  1. Hello Marc,
    Just noticed your link on the MarketingFacts blog. You really have collected some nice sites. It is just too funny watching Chinese movies and playing Chinese games. Please note I do not understand Chinese, probably because I am live in the Netherlands:0)

    Erno Hannink

  2. Dank je Erno. De meeste games zijn gelukkig ook wel te begrijpen zonder de taal te snappen. Videos is wat moeilijker natuurlijk 🙂
    Grootste probleem buiten China is dat de sites extreem traag zijn omdat alle servers in China staan, en de Chinese internet firewall de effectieve snelheid vaak naar minder dan 30kb/sec weet te reduceren. Gelukkig zijn de sites binnen China meestal wel erg snel.