Job opportunity: i-merge China CEO

i-merge China is looking for a CEO. A Chinese CEO – since a Chinese agency in China, for Chinese clients targeting Chinese consumers has to be managed by a Chinese. In my opinion a great opportunity for the right person, that’s why I decided to help spread the word and put it on my blog (and no, I am not getting any commission). The current CEO, Jan van den Bergh, has built a nice organization with some good clients over the past year or so, and is now starting to look for the Mr. or Mrs. Right to take over from him.

Want to apply? If you’re a true brand lover with at least 5 successful years of experience in advertising agencies then you reached the minimal level.
What else is necessary?
• A strong lead-generating network among Chinese as well as Western marketing directors.
• A rich experience in managing the explosive mix of creative, account and technical people.
• The gift of also keeping an eye into the financial bottom line.
• Preferably also some experience in interactive marketing.
• Even some international experience maybe worthwhile too.
• As well as an energetic dose of entrepreneurial spirit, since i-merge China will become partly your company.

Will the future CEO 100% sure be a former client service director? Not necessarily. It can also be a creative director of course.

If you’re interested pls send an email to Jan van den Bergh at He is the founder and president of i-merge. For the time being he is also leading the 8 persons’ Shanghai team. But he is not Chinese!

More info about i-merge its people and its activities can be found at their corporate blog.

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