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Holiday mood

After a very good Valentine’s dinner last night, followed by a short stint in the Attica nightclub next door, I decided to sleep a bit longer this morning (I got up at 8:30 AM, so still not too bad). When I arrived in the office it was very silent. Half the people had left for their hometowns already, and the other half seemed to be in holiday mood. Two more days before Chinese New Year eve, so that’s logical. Most people did not take a single day vacation during the past year, so they deserve to take it easy and prepare for a one week holiday.

The only problem is that I am also getting into a holiday mood, but I still have a lot of things to finish off. The nice weather outside certainly does not make working easier. From the recreation area in our office I hear the sounds of the XBOX 360, and I would actually like to join in. In the hallway the Zlong people are playing featherball, which also seems a good way to spend the afternoon. So what’s the best remedy? I got myself a strong coffee, closed my door, put on some classical music to block out the sounds, and blog about it. And as a result I am now actually ready to get back to work again.

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  1. Hey, my friend, How are you doing! I’m an avid reader of your blog. Pleasure to share your China’s venture( especially, shanghai) It’s Nice and tempting. Wish you and your wife good luck & Happy Chinese New Year!