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Fireworks interview

Something funny happened just now. A Dutch radio station wanted to interview me about Chinese New Year, and told me they would call me at 8:10 PM. However, their program schedule changed a bit, and they called me already 20 minutes earlier. At that time I was in a store in Oriental Plaza, where the music and the people were very loud. Because the interview was live I literally sprinted outside to be able to hear the presenter. But that was not a good idea either, because I ended up at Wangfujing, normally already Beijing’s busiest shopping street, and even more busy during Chinese New Year. So I crossed the road to the back of the Beijing Hotel while talking on the phone. There I was able to do the interview in a more quiet environment. At least for the first 2 minutes or so: then suddenly some guys started to light fireworks right behind me! The presenter didn’t know what was going on, and immediately asked me what was happening. He had to laugh when I explained it to him. I’ll check if the program is available as a stream or download on the internet, I’d like to hear it back myself. It must have sounded weird. If I find it I’ll put a link here.

Update: I found a link, click here to listen to the program. The item is after about 50 minutes (the last item of the program).

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