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Chinabounder is back

Half a year ago, Chinabounder made headlines with his weblog about how he, an anonymous foreign teacher in Shanghai, seduces Chinese women (some of them former students of his). A professor from the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences wrote about this on his blog, with the result that the whole Chinese internet community turned against him and started a witchhunt to find him. If they had found him he might have been in serious trouble, but nobody ever managed to figure out who he was. Whether it was a hoax or not nobody knows, but right after the mob tried to find him his weblog was suddenly closed to the public.

But now he is back. His blog is open again and comments are flooding in. Let’s see what will happen this time. His first (and possibly only) post is about two schoolgirls that were killed by their teacher. One because of making a remark to the teacher, the other because of cheating on an exam. The press hardly wrote about it, and the internet community that was disgusted about Chinabounder did not say a thing. Therefore he asks:

Where were you brave citizens of China then? Where was the anger? Where was the press, so like dogs baying for Chinabounder? The outcry? The mass of internet idiots so concerned about China’s honor and dignity? They offered silence and remain silent. Not a word, not a sigh, not a shrug of the shoulder, not even a raised eyebrow.

(via Danwei)

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  1. As a Chinese myself I am very annoyed by the stupid arrogrance of this man called Chinabounder. Real entrepreneurs like you should be welcomed in China, but a growing number of white trash (who are often useless in their own their countries) coming to China with the sole purpose of taking advantage of the girls should get out of the country, they are not only making the Chinese public increasingly resentful towards them but also giving a bad reputation of the decent white community in China. They are no good wherever they are.

  2. I think it just means that China needs more variaty in races. I don’t think it is only the issue with girls, because Chinese guys also don’t mind dating girls from other countries or races. The desire for being different is the same strong with guys as with girls. Just admit it, Chinese guys. Don’t take it out on girls just because you haven’t done it.

    We should respect and follow where the nature leads. It is a globalized place, and people like trying different experience and we should just let it be. About the quality of their “being together”is their private business, and as long as it’s their choice, let them. In the end, people will always choose the way they feel the happiest. There is absolutely no worry about that.

    Moreover, Chinabounder is actually an experimentor, who has chosen his way to obeserve life. Just because he is a foreigner, having sex with Chinese girls makes him bad? What if Chinese guys having sex with women from other countries? Then it can be widely applaused for? I think the only solution for this attitude issue is that Chinese guys libralize themselves to pursue girls as they want to.

  3. To be fair, we so called foreigner got bigger assets! Chinese men unfortunately do not possess the tools to pleasure these girls. So it is better that Chinese men step a side and allow us the honor.
    Theodore C. Charles