Bomb It – one billion times played!

One of the things that Spill Group Asia does is the production of flash games for the Spill Group gaming portals worldwide. These games can easily be copied (we even encourage that), so people can put them on their own websites. This is good for us, because every game contains our logo and a link to our site. We can monitor where traffic comes from on our portals, and based on that we can estimate how often a game has been played.

I always thought our flash games would be played a few million times per month, but it turns out that I was quite a bit off in my guess. Our most popular game, Bomb It, has been played over 1 billion times already over the past 2 months. That’s huge! Note that this is not only on Spill Group’s worlwide game portals, but also on the hundreds or possibly thousands of other gaming sites that carry this game.

It was actually surprising to me that this game is so popular, because it is relatively difficult to understand and play. Maybe games that are not very easy, are the ones that people play over and over again. Another important factor is that the game is never the same when you play it, the levels are always different.

If you want to try it, you can be play it here on our servers in China, or here in an English version.

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  1. Dear Marc van der Chijs,

    I am a regular reader of your weblog. Congrats! It

  2. @ Eleni: Thanks for you message, I will contact you by email.

  3. @Ad: thanks for the link, an interesting blog to follow to keep up with the latest games. Thanks!
    (I remember who you are of course)

  4. Hi Marc,
    my mum read in the German Stuttgarter Zeitung that a Chinese guy died after playing non-stop internet games for a couple of days during Chinese New Year.
    Did you hear that? I hope he did not drop dead playing on your site…

  5. Hi Suzie, I read it as well. The media reports did not mention what he was playing at the time, but likely it was World of Warcraft or another MMORPG. Our site’s games are less addictive (I hope). Main reason he died is likely his weight, being 150 kg is not very healthy especially when you do nothing else than playing games.