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Tomorrow I am going to Beijing. Finally, because I have not been there in many months. I miss the city, it is so much more authentic than Shanghai. Even though Beijing has lost most of its charm over the past 10 years, because of the demolishing of most old neighborhoods, it still has that old-China feeling to it. I miss living there. I like living in Shanghai, but residing in Beijing is still much better in my opinion. A better climate (colder in winter, warmer in summer, but not so humid as Shanghai), and you can leave the city every now and then to go hiking or mountain biking.

So I am always a bit jealous of friends of mine that live in Beijing. One of them started a blog in which she writes about her life in Beijing. She wants to remain anonymous, so I won’t reveal her identity, and therefore let’s call her Suzie for now. Her blog is I have known her for many years already, but Suzie only started to blog about 2 months ago. She has kept updating her blog regularly during that time (even though she did not have much traffic so far), but not surprising because she wants to make a career change to become a writer. And Beijing is probably a good city to start writing, the combination of modern and ancient, and traditional versus international, always gives me lots of inspiration. If you’re interested in life in Beijing, give Suzie’s blog a try.

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  1. Hi Marc,

    thank you for referring to my blog. I am still new to the bloggers’ world. It is exciting. And I am getting kind advises on my way.

    What a pitty that we are out of town when you are in Beijing.

    Happy New Year to you and Grace!