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Tudou TV on air

Yesterday around 6 PM I was having a MSN chat with my wife when she mentioned that her colleagues in the Tudou office were going to watch the first episode of Tudou TV together. I had totally forgotten that the first program would be on air, and had to run out of the Spill Group office to drive home in order to watch the program (there is no cable connection for our office TV). I made it just in time, and was even able to find the right channel before the program started.

It was cool to see the Tudou name and logo’s all over the TV screen, it’s still a different experience to be on TV – even in this internet age when less and less people watch TV. The whole episode only lasted 5 minutes (it is a daily 5-minute program), and this one featured just one funny (and quite long) clip. The TV presenter explained what Tudou was (he even used the English word couch potato!), and then introduced the clip. Other episodes will normally feature 2-3 clips. If you want to watch it, go to South-East Satellite (a blue logo with a f-like letter in it, and the Chinese name next to it starts with Dong Nan – even Chinese beginners should be able to read that). The program starts at 6:18 PM and can be viewed all over China on cable networks.

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  1. Superb! This is a new milestone in the growing potato 🙂

    Congratulations! Am actually quite amazed about this progressive step for a Chinese TV station. Bringing in user generated content could be the next wave after all those real life tv series.

    Now I am waiting for those creative brains that make a daily sequel 🙂

    Good stuff!