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Eye for eye, tooth for tooth

Competition is China is much harder than competition in Europe, and often unethical methods are used. A market leader like is therefore likely to be the target of actions by competitors to make the site or company look bad. Normally people just spread rumours, but that is something we can live with. But sometimes more distasteful actions are used, and right now someone is trying to do this (I won’t name them here). They are trying to make it look like Tudou is trying to increase its Alexa ranking by methods that are not allowed, so that Alexa wil delete Tudou’s data from its system.

Gary wrote a fierce blog post about this, which I will summarize using some of his (translated) quotes: “It is a stupid method, not only is it not so easy to mislead the brains behind Alexa, but the issue can be settled with Alexa or Amazon easily if we explain them the situation. Stop playing with fire, otherwise you will get burned sooner or later. It’s a small world, and we are dealing with the same group of people every day. Nothing is secret in this market. And I will take revenge: eye for eye, tooth for tooth. Don’t mess with us.”

I think they will get the message, and hopefully will be smart enough to refrain from taking any actions against

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  1. so how did this end? and has it affected the financing round you are trying close? i understand your ggv investors have been calling aorund trying to get other vcs interested. i am sure your audience would love some color on the whole process, and how you guys will compete against sina and tencent. thanks.

  2. Tudou’s Alexa ranking has not been affected so far (177 today, with weekly high of 153). If anything happens I will write about it here.
    I cannot comment on rumours that there will be a new financing round, just like I never wrote about take-over rumours in the past. But if things happen this is likely the first place where you will read about it.

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