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Don't say you feel sick on an Emirates plane

A Chinese couple is sueing Emirates, because they were kicked off their flight from Shanghai to Dubai prior to departure. According to today’s Shanghai Daily the problem started when the husband was feeling a bit nauseous, and asked a flight attendant for some medicine. Instead of getting that, the flight attendant informed the captain, who asked the husband to get off the plan.

He refused this, because he did not feel that bad. But the captain insisted, and a 30 minute quarrel followed. During that time the airline already started to unload their luggage, and in the end they threatened to call the airport police to force them to get off. This was too much for the couple and they gave up. After leaving the flight the husband said he did not feel sick anymore.

Now they are sueing the airline, because their planned vacation to Dubai and Egypt was ruined. And if this story is correct I totally agree with them. Emirates says it refuses to accept passengers out of consideration for their safety, but if someone is just feeling a bit nauseous that is hardly a safety concern. The Shanghai Daily asked other foreign airlines about this, but they said they would only force off passengers that have diseases that could harm the health of other passengers. A strange story, but good to keep in mind during my travels. Better wait until after departure to ask for medicine!

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  1. I totally believe this – I flew from Australia to London with BA in business class, and at my stopover in Bangkok mentioned to the steward I didn’t feel great, he was adament that I shouldn’t fly the next leg unless I was 100%. I had to really argue to actually stay on the flight insisting that I was only queasy not really “ill”.