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Buying bikes for Tibet

This weekend Gary and I went to La Bici, the bike shop on Wanping Lu (close to Jianguo Lu), to decide on which bikes to buy for our upcoming ride through the Himalaya. After looking at several model we went for two Sunn mountain bikes. Not very cheap, but it’s better to spend a bit more on good bikes, than to end up with a broken bike in a snowstorm at 5000 meters altitude. The bikes will be delivered later today, and I am looking forward to taking my first ride on them!

We need to start doing some serious training soon, because we only have about 3 months left before our planned departure to Tibet. My running shape is not too bad, but I need to start focusing more on bike riding now. I already put my stationary spinning bike in front of the TV at home, so that I can start training a bit there as well. On weekends we plan to put the bikes in the car and do some training in the hills (if we can find any close to Shanghai!).

If anybody else still wants to join let me know. We plan to leave around April 22, the trip from Lhasa to Kathmandu will be just over 3 weeks (including acclimatization).

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