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The Tudou idea

I made a back-up of my blog earlier today, and came across an interesting post. If you go to the archives (on the right side of this blog, scroll down), and click on August 2005 you will get all the posts from August 2005 (of course), but also all the posts that I wrote on my old blog between Sept. 2004 and Juli 2005. I just went back to October 2004, and noticed an interesting post.

The post was about a round of golf that Gary an I played on Sheshan Golf Course. I will quote some of it here:
We had a great morning, enjoying the sunshine, the views and the silence on the course. Very un-Chinese actually, normally it’s crowded everywhere and it’s never really silent anywhere (at least not in or around the big cities). And as an nice thing to top if off a potentially great business idea was born during the ‘19th hole’. In case it works out you’ll read more about it here in about 3 months.

And that ‘potentially big business’ idea was Tudou! Cool to find this post back, I did not realize I had archived back so far, and thought I had lost it when I switched blogs last year.

I also filmed a bit during the very first weeks of Tudou (when it was not even called Tudou yet). I will try to find that material back as well, and maybe put it on Tudou.

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