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On Dutch radio tonight

I was just reading Fons Tuinstra’s Dutch weblog, where he mentions that Dutch broadcasting station TROS is having a China week this week. Suddenly I remembered that Francisco van Jole (from radio program Radio Online) interviewed me in September for this China week. A quick check on their website confirmed that this program will be broadcasted tonight. I don’t recall what we discussed anymore, but if I mention any figures about website traffic, be ensured that they are much higher now. If you understand Dutch you can listen to it tonight on Dutch Radio 1 from 20:00-21:00.

Interesting is also the comment that Francisco wrote after talking to me, he says (in Dutch) that I might in a few years become the world’s biggest media magnate 🙂 Nice to read, but that’s a bit too much praise. Right now I prefer to run companies that are a bit smaller (but grow them of course).

By the way, also provided the producers some of the most played Chinese clips at that time. You can view them here on the TROS website.

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  1. hoho, the world’s largest media magnate, I hope that day will come ASAP:)

  2. quite of them are japanese, not chinese…there are no subtitles on this dutch site, how could people understand what they are all about? and the design of the window…who made it? must be a westerner, very unpleasant!