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Finally I can post again

For exactly a week I was not able to get my posts published on my blog. Readers who were using RSS could see the posts that I wrote (mainly tests that I deleted already), and also in the archives they were visible. But not on the main page. The same for the comments, they showed up in the archives, but not on my blog’s main page.

I tried everything, but could not figure out what happened. This afternoon I finally asked Davin, who is in charge of all servers and technical issues at Spill Group Asia, to take a look. And I should have done that earlier, because he quickly figured out what happened. changed the standard directory for ftp, and therefore the posts did not show up anymore. After changing this in the settings and republishing the whole blog, things are working fine again. Davin, thanks a lot!

But I still don’t know why changed this. Is it related to the new version, and they are somehow trying to force me to use that? Did other users also encounter this problem? I am now considering to change my blog to WordPress, even though that is going to take me some time (which is the one thing I hardly have).

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  1. I have been wondering the last days why no new posts showed up here. I just checked my own blog (which is not really active anymore) and noticed issues as well! So seems to have affected more people.

  2. Good to see you back :). The scary bit is not the fact they changed it, but the fact that they didn’t inform the users.

    I recently switched to the new blogger version and lost my previous postings…. well annoying indeed!