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The World of Calvin Klein

Last night we were invited to ‘The World of Calvin Klein’, a cool party for CK’s new collection. When we got the invitation earlier this week (I seem to be one of their better customers), we thought it would be some sort of fashion show and at first I was not too excited. But when Friday’s Shanghai Daily had a glossy Calvin Klein cover and a full page pre-event coverage, I realized it would be a bit bigger than a catwalk with some models. Shanghai’s newspaper even called it Calvin Klein’s biggest event in Asia this year.

Whether it was the biggest I cannot judge, but it certainly was a great party. CK had reconverted a warehouse in Northern Shanghai into a hyper-modern white labyrinth in which models were showing the latest collection. The underwear models were in an enclosed room with small windows to peek at them, but most other models were in the ‘open’. Combined with special lightning and video screens it gave a very futuristic feeling. In the back there was a huge lounge area with a DJ, where top male models showed off their bodies to the ladies (and to some non-gay Chinese men, who even wanted to take pictures with them…).

The crowd was mixed, lots of beautiful well-dressed party people (I recognized quite a lot of faces from ad agencies, from my time working in TV commercials), people who want to look good but don’t know how to dress or who did not yet have the money for it (friends and family of sales staff?), more regular people (I guess I am in this segment now, just as some of Qi’s INSEAD classmates that we saw here), some very local Chinese (old-fashioned suit wearing men with fake leather shoes, a mobile and keychain on their belt and carrying a man bag), and of course the ubiquitous VIPs (film stars and TV personalities, followed by their fans and camera crews). A nice crowd to observe with drink in hand.

And these drinks were excellent. Good mixes, and an endless stream of Moet & Chandon, combined with well-designed and good tasting finger food. They even served small portions of french fries in paper cones (with mayonaise!), that tastes really good after some drinks (but ruins the taste of the champagne…).

At the exit all the female guests received a bottle of CK’s Euphoria Blossom eau de toilette, making sure the night would be one to remember for a long time. Once again a fantastic evening in Shanghai, I love this city!

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