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Running in the rain

Last night I arrived in Holland for some business meetings. This time I went with two colleagues from Spill Group Asia, Demi (marketing director) and Han Bing (GM of Zlong Games). We had a quick dinner upon arrival in Hilversum (dim sum in a Chinese restaurant), and after that I wanted to do some work. However, I was suddenly so tired that I decided to get some sleep and get up early. That was probably a good idea, because when I watched the 10 PM news in bed instead, I fell asleep during the newscast already.

So I got up at 4 AM to scan through all the mails from Monday, and managed to finish this by 5:30 AM. Then I put on my running gear, and went for a run. Outside it was still pitch dark and it was completely silent. Although it was raining and quite cold (around 7 degrees) I found it very beautiful. First I ran around the Hilversum city center (I always want to know exactly where I am) and then decided to run to Lage Vuursche. But halfway there it was so dark in the woods that I decided to go back to the main road and run to Baarn instead. It was still very quiet and I ran on the bike lane next to the road. That was covered by leaves, and together with the rain it was a very nice environment to run.

Close to Baarn the rain stopped, and within 10 minutes the sky had cleared completely. I saw the stars in the black sky, something you cannot see in Shanghai (you are lucky to see the moon!). On the way back I passed by castle De Hooge Vuursche. With the start-filled sky above it and the dark woods behind it was an amazing sight.

The running went excellent, probably also because I did not run outside for a few weeks, and it felt great. I got back to Hilversum in just over 1 hour and 30 minutes. I could feel all muscles in my legs (I am not used to run on asphalt anymore), but felt very fit. A great start of the day. I am going to have breakfast now with my colleagueas, and then I am ready for my real working day!

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  1. Marc, I admire your discipline and perseverence despite the 7 hours jet lag. Noticed you enjoyed it!
    I know, running a marathon is like running a company: you have to determine your goal, to work really hard (with up and downs) in order to succeed. But most important is fun, because “fun makes it run”. Good luck.

  2. Marc, stay there, it will rain here in Shanghai for at least the coming 10 days.
    ( for next Sunday, half-marathon, I don’t mind )


  3. I will miss the Shanghai marathon this year because I am still travelling, but if it rains it’s not such a bad thing. Good luck with the race!