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Getting rich quickly with games

A Chinese student living in Japan managed to make 1.3 million USD over the past 9 months – with games. Not by participating in high-paying tournaments, but simply by selling in-game items (virtual products that can be used in games) on an auction site. According to this article he was not able to enjoy his riches long though: his student visa did not allow him to earn money in Japan so he ended up in jail… The good news is that once released he will be able to continue his work from China, because this kind of work can of course be done from anywhere in the world.

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  1. Recently I read some articles (lost the reference) where there are companies in China set up to create money. I would say professional warcraft players whos task is nothing more then capitalizing to the max.

    Many people and companies on second life are quite commercially active…

    Interesting to see that a complete virtual economy is raising up……

    THis could create interesting develeopments for 3rd world countries that are able to get connected…..