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Suddenly it’s getting cold in Shanghai, yesterday a cold front arrived and the weather has changed completely. Today’s high should be 17 degrees, but to me it feels more like 10 degrees Celcius. It seems autumn has finally started, with continuous rain since early this morning and a dark grey sky. It’s just past 4 PM and it’s already getting a bit dark outside. In a way I like it, it has been warm too long already, and I can finally start wearing winter clothes again.

But I don’t envy all the people that try to hail a cab on the streets. If it rains in Shanghai everybody all of a sudden wants to take a taxi, and as a consequence none are available. While driving to work this morning a taxi stopped in front of my car to let a person out. Right away a young guy and a middle-aged woman came running to the cab and started to fight who could take it. The young guy won, because he just jumped in and slammed the door shut. The taxi took off right away, leaving the woman standing in the rain. I felt bad for her.

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  1. Did you feel bad enough to offer her a lift in your American limousine? Probably not 🙂

  2. If I had stopped and offered her a lift, she would probably be shocked and run away!

  3. Ik realiseer mij inderdaad dat we hier uitgekeken raken op onze zomerkleren en uitkijken naar het moment om eindelijk onze wintergarderobe weer te voorschijn te kunnen halen. Dit heb ik mij toen ik in Europa woonde nooit kunnen voorstellen. Daar duurde de koude periode altijd veel te lang.

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