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Nokia E61

In Dubai I bought a new phone, Nokia’s E61 business phone. I liked the design and the functions, and have been using the device for a week now. The phone features among others quad-band, a full HTML browser, 3G, Wifi, and it has a normal keyboard. Exactly the phone I have been looking for for years. My “old” phone (the Dopod 818 pro), was also not bad, but Nokia beats it on functionality and the stability of its operating system. And finally I have a phone with Blackberry functionality (it’s now available in China – but only for corporate customers), so I can work 24/7 wherever I am!

In the Middle East the phone seemed to be quite popular, because it was sold out at the first three chain stores that I went to in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates. But in Holland it is even more popular I think: this week I had a meeting in Amsterdam with 7 people from internet companies, and 6 out of 7 were using this phone already (and the 7th one had already ordered it but it was sold out)!. Unbelievable, it seems Nokia hit right on target with this design. Too bad it’s not sold in China, I think it would also do there very well.

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  1. Super gadget! But what abt Chinese characters? Any software availabe?

    Oliver- another Shanghailander

  2. Sure, I now have a Nokia E61i and it can be used in both Chinese and English. Lots of software can be downloaded from internet.