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KLM lounge

I am sitting at Dubai airport again. A nice airport, but there are better places to spend a Saturday night. I hoped I could go to the KLM lounge here, but it seemed that their worldwide policy for lounges has changed. Just like in Shanghai you are not able to enter the lounge anymore as a Platinum cardholder when you don’t fly KLM or a partner airline… So now I blogging from Dunkin’ Donuts, next to the lounge.

I really wonder what the use of my frequent flyer card is. Until not too long ago I could even use a KLM lounge when flying Chinese domestic routes, but that was cancelled. And now all international lounges are also not available when I am not flying KLM (and most of my flights are non-KLM, because I always fly from Shanghai – which only has KLM flights to Amsterdam). Only the Schiphol lounges are still available, but they are so crowded nowadays (it seems anyone can enter), that you might as well sit somewhere else. KLM is not what it used to be, and because of that I have started to try different airlines. Today I am flying Emirates, which has much better seats and in-flight service than KLM. And it’s a lot cheaper as well!

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