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One year ago…

… we got married today (pictures!). On 9-9 we did the registration, and on the 10th we had a big party. Time flies, but my wife and I look back at a very nice first year of our marriage. An exciting year, that started off with a honeymoon in the Philippines, and later included trips to among others Hong Kong, France, Italy and Holland. Workwise it was an extremely busy year for both of us, but it was also quite succesful. A year ago Spill Group Asia did not even exist yet, now it’s a fast-growing company with some great gaming sites and we even have our own game development team. Toodou received two rounds of funding during the past year, and was voted one of the Red Herring Asia 100 companies. Gary has managed to grow the company to over 40 staff. And now Qi also spends a lot of time there building Finance and HR. Let’s see what the next year will bring us, I plan to make it even more successful – both businesswise and privately.

To start it off, Qi and I decided to have a “second honeymoon” during the next week, to relax a bit and spend a lot of time together. I try not to be online too much, therefore expect some lighter posting over the next couple of days.

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  1. marc, it was certainly a great year. Meeting you and getting introduced to china (and your wife) was one big experience.

    Now today you run the company perfectly!! Again congrats with acquiring a game company you liked so much!!!

    Have a great week and we’ll see you on september 26th.


    PS; I am off for my birthday party, you got married exactly the day before my birthday. what a….???

  2. so when are you going to blog about tudou’s decision to censor content, like the videos from ruian?

  3. @anonymous: I don’t know what you meant with ruian videos, but any videos that have political or sexual content cannot appear on Chinese websites. This policy has been there from day one, and we have never tried to hide this (see for example many of the interviews that we did over the past 18 months).

  4. Congratulations and have a long happy life together!