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New features for

Today we went live with several new functions for our Chinese flagship site We decided to add some interactive features to the gaming site, and more will follow soon. One feature we added is a rating system for games. If a user is logged in, he/she can give a game a rating of between one and five stars. Based on this we calculate which games are the highest rated games on our site, and we can publish a ranking.

Another feature is that you can leave comments about the game (they can be seen right below the game). For example, you can tell other users some tricks that you found out about or whether you like the game (or not). You can even upload screen shots of your high score, so others can try to beat that.

The site also includes a BBS (forum), where users can discuss about all kinds of gaming related topics. Several threads were already started this morning.

But most important is probably the points system that we introduced. At this point you can get points by among others logging in and registering, by providing more information about yourself, by inviting friends to the site, and by rating and commenting on games. For the BBS you get points for posts that you make. In order to encourage people to participate in discussions we give away nice prices to users with the highest scores during one week or one month.

If you can read Chinese, give it a try. We tested the system for a week already, but there may still be some bugs. One known bug is that the site has some problems with Firefox and Safari, but we are working on that. Please let us know if you find any other bugs (I might give you some bonus points :-). Happy gaming!

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