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A Future Perfect

Most of my Shanghai-based weblog readers probably know that the title of this post is the name of one of the city’s trendiest restaurants. And those not in the know, now know it as well. A Future Perfect is located in a small lane just off Huashan Lu (close to the Hilton Hotel). Not easy to find, but that did not seem to be a hurdle for the place to quickly become one of the most popular restaurants in town. For some reason I had not eaten here yet since it opened last year November, but now I finally managed to go. And I was pleasantly surprised, both by the ambiance, the menu and the prices.

A Future Perfect is a combination of a restaurant and a boutique hotel, located in a quiet lanehouse that was completely remodeled. The design of the place is trendy, almost futuristic. I loved it. There is a courtyard in the back where you can dine alfresco, or just have an after-dinner drink. Because I did not make a reservation, I was lucky to get a table (note to self: book in advance next time I go).

The menu in itself is worth a read. The names of many of their menu items are creative and inspirational, and some really made me laugh. No spoilers here, take a look yourself. The menu is pretty extensive, with lots of fish and meat, to pasta dishes and (if I remember well) even some burgers. The wine list is not a simple list of reds and whites, but they are categorized by the kind of food you are ordering. Great if you are not a connaisseur, or if you just want to try something different – now you know it will fit your food without having to ask the staff.

The food itself was simply great. Sometimes these designer restaurants look great, but their food is just so-so. A Future Perfect manages to combine a great design with excellent food. And even the service was quite OK, something that is often a problem in Shanghai. All in all a nice evening out, for a very reasonable price (dinner for two, starter and main course including two glasses of champagne and two glasses of red wine for around RMB 600). Anything negative? Well, the parking was a bit of a hassle. In the small lane you can park your car, but it is almost impossible to turn around. And avoiding the other cars turned it into an obstacle course. Next time I’ll either park at the Hilton or come by taxi – because I certainly will come back.

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  1. thanks for the tip; first week of November, I will make the reservation ( if everthing works out well)