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Do not disturb

One thing I do not like about Chinese hotels is the fact that the “Do not disturb” sign is often totally ignored. You put the “Do not disturb” light on or put the card on the door, but the cleaning lady will walk into your room anyway in the morning. It happened to me several times in the past already (but, to be fair, also once in a 5-star hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia), and this morning it happened to us again. Luckily the cleaning lady first rang the doorbell. Trying to explain that we put on the light because we do not want to be sleep a bit longer does not help, she only said “I am sorry” and moved on to ring the bell of our neighbours (I could not see if they also had their sign on).

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  1. I’ve learned to curl up underneath the sheets and let them do everything but make the bed I’m in. Why do the Chinese think that the foreigners are out of their rooms by 8am? I have felt your pain.