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Witchhunt for a blogger (3)

Danwei writes today that the Sex in Shanghai story now even reached the Beijing Times. Professor Zhang Jiehai seems not satisfied with the password that Chinabounder put on his blog and wants to keep finding him. He thinks Chinabounder is scared. Could be, but maybe Chinabounder is just smart, and noticed that the situation was getting out of control. Then closing off the source to the main public is a good strategy to try to cool down things a bit.

Also the English Guardian picked up the story. They tried to contact Chinabounder, but got no reply so far. I actually contacted him as well right after he closed off his blog to the outside world, but did not get a reply either. Maybe someone hacked into his account, so he cannot read his mail anymore? I would not be surprised if this has really happened. Hacking into a blogger and/or gmail account is not impossible, and there might be lots of angry Chinese that are skilled at this.

There is actually some potential evidence for this theory: in the hours before the the blog closed down, Chinabounder left several comments on his blog. In these comments he copy/pasted parts of articles about penile lenght increasing surgery (I think that was what it was about, I actually skipped over it – and I cannot check it anymore now). This is not his normal style, so why would he do that? At that point I did not think too much about it, but when a bit later his site was blocked I started to suspect that something else might have been going on. If he would have been scared he could have done this a day earlier already, but he only did it after posting another sex-related article.

To be continued I suppose.

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  1. The whole china bounder thing is taking on a life of its own. That pyche prof seems like a bit of a wacko himself. Intl newswires are now picking up on the story. Becoming a social magnet issue. He will learn China is not quite like back home and still a long way to go with regards to interacial sex. On other hand, since it is getting so much publicity, PSB may stay away like a hot potato.

  2. Hey cutie…you can still visit his site via google cache.

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