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Shanghai World Financial Center keeps on growing

A few days ago I was looking out of the window in my study, and noticed the top of a crane (or something that looked like it) next to the Grand Hyatt (Jinmao Tower). I took out my binoculars, because this is at least 7-8 km from my house. It was difficult to see, but two days later I noticed that the crane was a bit higher, and the top of a building had appeared. It turned out that this it the top of the new Shanghai World Financial Center, which at 101 stories (491 meters) will be China’s tallest building.

(The new structure can be seen at the far right of the picture, with 3 cranes on top of it. Zoom in for a better view)
It is currently growing at about 2-3 stories per week, and it should get to its highest point early next year. It will change Pudong’s skyline, because the Grand Hyatt will suddenly appear small next to this giant. Too bad the original design was changed, the old design (a round hole) was much nicer, but it changed to a new design (a rectangle), because the Chinese thought it resembled the Japanese flag too much (the building was designed and financed by Japanese).

The construction of this building already started in 1997, but was halted several times because of financial problems. But earlier this year (or was it late last year?) the construction suddenly started again, and now it seems nothing can stop it anymore. I will keep on following the construction from behind my desk while writing my weblog entries.

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  1. The old design did look much better — the rectangle makes the building look like a giant bottle opener. I’ve always liked the Jinmao Bldg for its Gotham-style angles and don’t look forward to having it surpassed by something so plain.

  2. I really cannot understand what’s the meaning for building such a giant “bottle”, the government just want to have something is the tallest, biggest or longest…From the picture, it seems just not fit the whole environment..what a waste!

  3. i like also old version.. it lokk very special a like to go on the top of this building!! 🙂

  4. the problem with the old design because it circle.. the client don’t what it because its more represent like the building own by Japanese, and the top of the building need to have a opening for the wind to flow through it… with other mean to make the building not blocking the wind flow.